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International Academy of Arts

International Academy of Art has built in Saint Petersburg and a member of Education Ministry of Russia, this academy is directed and operated with a group of professional and popular Russian artists in different courses and fields.
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Students Life

Students studying Russian should take advantage of a semester or year-long study abroad program in Russia. St. Petersburg, located on the western shores of Russia near the borders of Finland and Estonia, is a culturally rich city in which to pursue this opportunity. 
St. Petersburg has a population of about 4.5 million. There are 39,000 students at the Saint Petersburg State University alone. There are technical, arts, and pedagogical universities, among others. There is plenty for students to take advantage of in St. Petersburg. In addition to world-famous attractions like the Hermitage (just one of many museums in the city), St. Petersburg has a beautiful historic center, which has been named a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Cathedrals and gardens contribute to the beautiful cityscape. 
With regard to student life, there is plenty to do outside of museums and sightseeing. St. Petersburg has a strong music scene, both classical and popular, and students have a variety of locations to choose from for nightlife, from bars and restaurants to music and dance clubs. With all there is to do, it will be very difficult for students to be bored in St. Petersburg.

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If you are so far from us, there is no obstacle for getting a art degree because you can use of our distance learning system for graduation in one of 11 art majors.
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